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Created on Tuesday, 13 Jul 2021 10:53:25

Pennsylvania Language Forum --Get published!

PSMLA´s premier language journal, the Pennsylvania Language Forum (PLF) is accepting submissions for both its Peer Review and traditional journal sections. 

Do you have an exciting lesson plan, strategy, or research project to share?  The PLF editors are ready to help you prepare your submission for publication. All current PSMLA members are welcome to submit their work. 

The deadline for our fall edition is August 15. Check out the journal for details on how to submit.

Check out the Spring Edition!

Spanish Coffee Hour: Hora del Cafecito

Te invito a disfrutar de la Hora del Cafecito, un espacio para compartir y charlar con nuestros colegas en un ambiente informal y relajado.

The Spanish Coffee Hour will be on Wednesday, July 21, from 4:00 to 5:00pm vía Zoom with Isabel. 

Deadline for registration is Wednesday, July 21 by noon

Register here

Renew your PSMLA membership today!

Due to the pandemic, PSMLA Membership fees are offered at a discounted price of $30.00 for 2021-2022.

Here is a quick reminder of some of the benefits of PSMLA Membership. Please visit our website at to learn more.

  1. Our PSMLA Community - connecting with other members for ideas and inspiration.

  2. Reduced registration fees to regional workshops and conferences. Free access to network coffee series and technology webinars.

  3. Our 2021 Conference, Addressing the moment: Bridging differences with languages will be virtual from October 13-16. We look forward to a stimulating exchange of innovative ideas about educating the next generation of citizens in an interconnected world.

  4. Access to PSMLA News Updates for job notices, reminders and promotions.

  5. Access the Pennsylvania Language Forum, a journal published annually that features articles on teaching strategies, lesson plans, project ideas and research for world language teachers.

  6. Opportunities to recognize excellence via student and teacher awards as well as research-based support for developing programs through PEP and Global Scholars programs.

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