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Teacher Toolbox

Teacher Toolbox

ChatGPT(AI) Informational Slideshow
This slideshow from a recent webinar shows different ways to use ChatGPT for language learning. It also provides links to language sites that have integrated AI tools and to a tool to detect misuse of ChatGPT to complete written assignments.

Diversity Month
March is Diversity Month. PSMLA provides a calendar with a set of resources, information, and highlights focusing on diversity in the language classroom. View the 2023 calendar.

Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. PSMLA provides a list of resources and infographics for the Spanish classroom, updated in 2023.

Resources for Remote Learning
PSMLA is here to support you as you transition to remote learning.

Pennsylvania Language Forum
Find articles in the PLF articles through the compiled table of contents.