100 Years of PSMLA; Conference announcement; Membership Discount

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PSMLA Conference Keynote Speaker Announcement

Join us for our 100 Year Anniversary celebration at The Penn Stater Hotel in State College on October 24-26.  We are pleased to announce our keynote speaker for October 25, Don Gentile.  Since August 2016, Mr. Gentile has served the Intelligence Community as its Senior Language Authority and Chief Learning Officer.  Prior to taking his current position, Mr. Gentile worked in the National Counterterrorism Center’s (NCTC) Directorate of Intelligence.  Prior to his time with NCTC, Don’s career included numerous positions with the National Security Agency (NSA). Among his assignments, he served as a Language Analyst, Manager, and Senior Intelligence Analyst representing NSA in the White House Situation Room, including on 9/11. Don has also held NSA linguist certifications in Italian, Portuguese, French, and Spanish and served as a past member of NSA’s Standing Committee on Language Testing. 

Visit our conference website for rates and to register, with more details to be posted throughout the summer.

Celebrating 100 years of PSMLA!

A glance into the archives...

Writers of the 1923 Bulletin were concerned about increasing the PSMLA membership:

“ If we felt that advertising were necessary, we should adopt the practice of some business houses and offer a prize for a satisfactory reason why every modern language teacher in this State should not join our own association and read each month the Modern Language Journal. 

But why enforcer une porte ouverte? The door is open, and the admission fee is a check for two dollars, a two cent stamp and a note to Mr. Shelton.”  

(PSMLA had 257 members in 1922 and they estimated that there were at least 900 foreign language teachers in the state.)

In honor of the 100-year Anniversary of PSMLA, we have a special deal: Join for 3 years for $100.00 until October 26, 2019.

Don't forget to renew your PSMLA Membership!

Here is a quick reminder of just some of the benefits of PSMLA Membership. Please visit our website at www.psmla.org to learn more.

1. Our PSMLA Community - connecting with other members for ideas and inspiration
2. Reduced registration fees to regional workshops and conferences. Our 100-year Anniversary Conference will be October 24-26 at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center. PSMLA has joined with the Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE) in a celebration of our 100th and 50th anniversaries, respectively, to reflect on our past, our present, and our future. We look forward to a stimulating exchange of innovative ideas about educating the next generation of citizens in an interconnected world. We hope to see you in State College in October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of PSMLA with us!

3. Access to PSMLA News Updates for job notices, reminders and promotions
4. Access the Pennsylvania Language Forum, a journal published annually that features articles on teaching strategies, lesson plans, project ideas, and research for world language teachers.

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