100 Years of PSMLA; 3-Year Membership Deal

Created on Wednesday, 07 Aug 2019 12:41:46

Celebrating 100 years of PSMLA!

At the 1927 PSMLA meeting, “Mr. William Hurwitz, of Philadelphia, offered the following answer to the question ‘Where is the value of organizing teachers of foreign languages?’: 

To protect ourselves against the great onslaught of materialism from all sides; to combat wrong conceptions of education; to hold our own in order to teach our pupils to see the value of, and to love the foreigner in our country; and so to combat racial hatred and prejudice, and above all, to improve international relations.”

Taken from the 1969 50thAnniversary edition of the PSMLA Bulletin. (This information was a reprint from the 1948 Bulletin.) 

In honor of the 100-year Anniversary of PSMLA, we have a special deal: Join for 3 years for $100.00 until October 26, 2019.

Don't forget to renew your PSMLA Membership!

Here is a quick reminder of just some of the benefits of PSMLA Membership. Please visit our website at www.psmla.org to learn more.

  1. Our PSMLA Community - connecting with other members for ideas and inspiration.
  2. Reduced registration fees to regional workshops and conferences. Our 100-year Anniversary Conference will be October 24-26 at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center. PSMLA has joined with the Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE) in a celebration of our 100th and 50th anniversaries, respectively, to reflect on our past, our present, and our future. We look forward to a stimulating exchange of innovative ideas about educating the next generation of citizens in an interconnected world. We hope to see you in State College in October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of PSMLA with us!
  3. Access to PSMLA News Updates for job notices, reminders and promotions.
  4. Access the Pennsylvania Language Forum, a journal published annually that features articles on teaching strategies, lesson plans, project ideas, and research for world language teachers.

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