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Seal of Biliteracy Webinar

Seal of Biliteracy Webinar

January 13, 2021, 6:00 to 6:45 pm

A free webinar explaining the Seal of Biliteracy will be offered on Wednesday, January 13th at 6:00 PM for all PSMLA members. The webinar will be hosted by one of our PSMLA Executive Council members, Cherie Garrett, who was awarded the 2020 NECTFL Mead Leadership Fellowship to increase the number of schools offering the Seal of Biliteracy at the district level in Pennsylvania and to pass the Seal of Biliteracy at the state level.  The 45-minute presentation will explain the purpose of the Seal of Biliteracy and all the necessary information to offer it at your school building or school district even though PA hasn’t passed the Seal at the state level yet.  Offering the Seal of Biliteracy is a great way to promote your world language program and to recognize students’ proficiency in English and a second language, and can be earned even during a pandemic.

View the webinar recording. Access Passcode: .z1vD^WY

Visit the PSMLA resources page on the Seal of Biliteracy.